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the cactus
The Cactus

 "Aloe Vera", also known as the First Aid Plant, is one of the 500 species of flowering succulent plants, often considered with various healing properties.


     The natural gel inside the leaf is edible, however it has an acquired taste of bitterness. Aloe Vera is often used as the medicinal ingredient in lotions, cosmetics and soaps, and it can also be found in many consumer beverages, often sweetened with sugar or fruit juices to balance the bitter taste.

       Aloe grows naturally in the dry regions of Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas in over different 240

sub-species. The shape of the plant bears some similarities with the typical “cactus” found in deserted lands; however, Aloes and Cacti are two different types of plants.  

how's Done

How's done

      Our Aloe Vera is sourced from sustainable farms in Thailand. Thanks to the local climate, the plant grows and is harvested all year round.


     The chunky leaves are hand-cut, washed and hand-filtered, before removing the pulp only from the central part of them, avoiding the residual Aloin, contained in the skin and the outer layer. Afterwards, the pulp is carefully washed and either cut in small chunks or squeezed into juice. Pasteurization, for safety, follows.


     Aloe pulp and juice is, then, sent to our bottling facilities in Taiwan where the other ingredients, according to the particular flavor’s formula, are added on the final production line.

vivaloe-range 20180827.png

     With the combination of the words “vīvat” (long life in Latin) and “aloe”, we wanted to create a high quality beverage that was at the same time pleasant to drink and carrying healthy benefits. In a sentence: Fun to Drink. And Good for you. Contrary to a few mainstream brands in the same category, we opted to completely avoid the use of powder and/or gelatin in our drinks and only employ real pulp and juice from the Aloe plants.


    All our drinks are just slightly sweetened with Stevia, pure cane-juice or honey, with no added fructose or any artificial coloring or flavor-enhancers. We have also selected a variety of exotic flavors so to give a wide choice to our consumers, where everyone can find his favorite pick.


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