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The Difference

Download here a clear info sheet detailing the difference between Aloe-based beverages made with real Aloe Vera juice and pulp and the ones made with gelatin and powder! 

info for impor
Info for Importers / Distributors
Common Consumers' Questions

1. What is VIVALOE sweeten with?


2. What is the stuff in the drink?


3. Is the Aloe vera pulp in VIVALOE pure?


4. Is VIVALOE gluten free?


5. Where does your Aloe Vera come from?


6. Does VIVALOE need to be refrigerated?


7. What Aloe Vera is good for?

8. Dos VIVALOE contain any aloin and aloe latex?

If you are an importer, distributor or a broker and would like to have our VIVALOE brand added to your portfolio for your market, please click on the buttons below for some more technical information and send us an email to:


Mr. Corrado Riccio

International Sales & Marketing Director


Mobile, WhatsApp and Viber: +886-974054401

LINE ID: corrado-riccio


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